Online and in stores comes the new Tezenis women’s collection spring summer 2016, the new catalog Tezenis in 2016 for the spring / summer 2016 is characterized by a series of really missed fashion proposals, a line of clothing and pajamas but also intimate and costumes really Tezenis 2016 missed that with new weekly arrivals keeps us company in all stores and helps us to redecorate thanks to competitive prices. The new collection consists of many must-see fashion ideas and refined at low cost prices, and this is perhaps one of the reasons for the success of the group Calzedonia and Intimissimi brand.



The new collection Tezenis spring summer 2016 is also ready to keep you company with new proposals costumes Tezenis 2016. The new collection consists of a large number of female models two-piece swimsuits instead absent in the new catalog Tezenis Tezenis in 2016 that instead we found in the previous year. Bikinis are as always declined in various patterns including animal, tropical, navy, floral and are proposed as always different models of slip (Brazilian, regular briefs, boyshorts) to match with different bra models (push-up, triangle, band) . A really wide line with tezenis prices costumes from around 20 Euros for the costume complete and will go on sale from mid-July at competitive prices. Tezenis woman Spring Summer 2016 collection

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TEZENIS COLLECTION SPRING SUMMER 2016 – the new Tezenis really wide collection spring summer 2016, in this case you will find many interesting items such as underwear Tezenis 2016 with different models of bras and panties as needed.

Tezenis 2016 catalog bras

In the new line of Tezenis Spring 2016 Summer clothing can also find sweatshirts and sports proposals perfect for getting into shape before swimsuit season! The tezenis sportswear represent a viable alternative to the various Decathlon to find clothes to low cost gym.

Tezenis 2016 catalog woman

The new collection Tezenis spring summer 2016 denim shorts with jeans, pants and shirts to wear in hot weather for a look at all denim. It ‘is well known that this year the denim back to lord it in the panorama of the trends 2016: shirts, dungarees, trousers and skirts.

Tezenis 2016 clothing catalog

New Leggings Tezenis spring summer 2016, after the success of the previous collection, they return to make our perfect look. Among the new proposals are Tezenis models jeggings jeans effect to be worn during the day for the most fashionable outfits. In the store you can find different models of the same head, so we invite you to go and see with eyes Vistro in stores! The price of leggings was still very competitive, from 9,99 € to 24,99 € depending on the model.


The new proposals of clothing Tezenis women including denim shirts to match the shorts in summer or leggings in the spring.

TEZENIS PAJAMAS 2016 – the new collection of pajamas Tezenis spring summer 2016 ready to keep us company, with more t shirt leggings for spring and models plus oversized tank top shorts for summer pajamas new 2016 catalog Tezenis woman is already online and in shops. With new weekly arrivals proposals for the night keep us company by highlighting the convenience and practicality to sensuality, engaging and fun graphic for new pajamas tezenis spring summer 2016 already in stores.

Tezenis catalog Children pajamas 2016
Pajamas Tezenis 2016 prices

TEZENIS CLOTHING 2016 – the new collection Tezenis clothing spring summer 2016 ready to keep us company, many of the proposals in the new Tezenis fashion catalog and equally numerous are the proposals that we have won, especially among the proposals Tezenis clothing in 2016 we want to tell:

Leggings Tezenis 2016 prices starting at around 15 Euros, no pants but opaque version and of good quality as those you can use on a daily basis
Sport Tezenis 2016, the new collection of clothes for the gym or with intimate than with real suits Leisure
Tezenis Jeggings are a mix of leggings and jeans and raving about for the most fashionable outfits
Tezenis Shorts 2016 perfect for the summer if you have a beautiful body choose them of all colors and patterns
Costumes Tezenis in 2016 there are many models for sale from spring
TEZENIS LEGGINS 2016 – completes the range of proposals are right leggings Tezenis 2016, offered in many models. They are proposed with fantasy floral prints, sport version for the gym and finally in jeans jeggings fake version for the free time.