Megan Fox sexy actress of Hollywood

The first Time With Megan


Mega in the movie Transformers 1

The first time I’ve seen Megan Fox was in the film Transformers. I don’t notice all the actress in Hollywood, and I didn’t remembered also her before the movie Transformers. Leather I discovered that she was in a bunch of other films before this. But in this,… she was very sexy. I’m a man and I like hot girls.

A little bio of Megan Fox hot sexy model and movie star.

She was born in May 16 of the year 1986 and at small age of 5 she started her drama acting studies. It is a very young age to start practising acting and dancing for my opinion. Now the kids start the activities and their passion at such young age. The schools accept as little as 3 years old. It’s like a little kinder garden orientated to one thing.
Returning to Megan, if she started this so young, she must been determinate to became an American actress, because now she is a very successfully actress and model.

So where Megan debuted?


She is sexy, isn’t she?

“Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” was her debut, that was in the 2004 but in 2001 she started with minor roles. She was only 16 when she acted in Holiday in the Sun with the Olsen Twins (Mary Kate and Ashley). In 2007 she reaches the break out role in the Transformers. Where I noticed her. In 2009 the sequel, Transformers 2.

In “Jennifer’s Body” she got the main role, and there you can see Megan Fox nude and sexy scene. It’s like a sexy scenes of Megan everywhere. She kiss a girl too!! So fantastic!!

In 2012 she acted in the move “This is 40“, and this was not so sexy like the precedent but is a nice comedy to watch

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Now she is filming the new film of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The film will go out in the year 2014.