Long Hair sunset: The new craze that is filling color for women. Is amazing!

Surely at some time you look at the sky and walk away while you appreciate the sunset, and you realize that the colors gradually appear, are really beautiful because each one is more amazing than the previous and you simply never get bored of such a wonderful show.

We have already seen several trends for the long hair, since dye it a purple color to paint it multiple colors at once, but now it’s about having a hair as spectacular as the sky at sunset. Are you ready for this new hairstyle for women? We are sure that you’ll love it. You just have to see these images to take all the inspiration you need.You will also see short haircuts for women with amazing color.

1. First we were delighted with the hair as a rainbow

Girl with the colored hair that is part of a move color trend


2. After we enjoy the sensational purple color

Hair with the tendeicia of autumn colors

sensational purple color

3. The grey hair plating is spectacular


Girl with hair dyed gray platinum

4. We even managed to adore the green hair 


Girl with the hair of green color with black

5. But now, we can have the sunset in our hair


Girl with the hair dyed with the trend of sunset hair

6. These warm colors are great


Girl with hair dyed different colors, pink, orange and yellow

7. The color can range from purple to pink


Girl with hair dyed the colors of sunset, blue and pink

8. Looks like a soft sunset in the autumn


Girl with hair like the sunset

9. It is also cute in short hair


Woman with the short hairstyles with dyed in the style of sunset hair

10. You can use a style with colors a bit more smooth


Girl with the short hair and dyed in the style of sunset hair

11. Or if you prefer, can be with intense colors


Girl with the hair dyed with the trend of sunset hair

12. Are magnificent!!!


Girl with the hair dyed with the trend of sunset hair