Calzedonia leggins 2016

Ready to discover the new models leggings Calzedonia catalog 2016 with all the sale prices?

Unlike other seasons winter 2016 Calzedonia is characterized by “sobriety”!
Green light for leggings in denim (more or less washed-out or torn), faux leather, plain super opaque or details like stitching in matching tones or some zip biker style.
The choice for those who want to fantasies is a bit ‘limited (for now), there are in fact a couple of floral prints, one with the stars and a model with tears and semi-transparent lace.

The cold season instead brings a welcome change to all those who love fitness and desire to be fashionable even in the gym, with the new leggings of “Fitness Collection”!

Here are the new models leggings Calzedonia winter 2015 2016 divided by price range!

Leggings CALZEDONIA catalog fall winter 2015 2016 Prices and Photos
A 19.95 € There are uni thermal leggings combined super opaque (the classic cost 14.95 euro), the model cotton in floral print and the one with the embroidered stars.

Calzedonia leggings winter 2015 2016 Price 19 95 €

A 25.95 euro we find the model horsewoman, leggings with tears and those with lace and zip biker style.
(At this price there are also push-up shaping solid).

Leggings-Calzedonia 2016

Calzedonia leggings winter 2015 2016 Price 25 95 €

Also at 25.95 euro they are also proposed various models of leggings in more or less washed out or ripped denim.

Leggings-Calzedonia denim price 25-95-euro

Calzedonia leggings in denim price 25 95 EUR

A 29,95 € you can buy the model destroyed jeans, leggings push ups with floral print, those glitterati and joggers with faux leather bands.

Leggings-Calzedonia 2016 new

Calzedonia leggings winter 2015 2016 Price 29 95 €

The most “expensive” for 39.95 euro are the faux leather leggings and model push up shaping super opaque.

Leggings Calzedonia2016 price 39-95-euro

Calzedonia leggings winter 2015 2016 Price 39 95 €

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The sports leggings of “Fitness Collection”, is perfect for the gym indoors or jogging outdoors, have a price of 29.95 euro, with the exception of the solid capri model units which costs 19,95 euro and for the version with built-in shorts that has a cost of 39,95 euro.

Leggings-fitness-Calzedonia 2016

Fitness leggings Calzedonia autumn winter 2015 2016