Latest ideas for hairdos in the 2017

New latest ideas for hairdos in the 2017. Break all the old ties and start fresh in the 2017 with a new hairstyle for women. Decide now with this little tips.

medium length layered hairstyle

The middle is the best length hair that one can have fun. Hairstyle of medium length is the fresh option for those who do not want to have Long hair or too short hairstyles. In particular, layers for long hair half seems too feminine and attractive.
medium length hair in layers 2017



Messy hairstyle

Tease your hair and get a messy hairstyle that will inspire you and keep up energy. messy hairstyle has recently become one of the hairstyles most popular that it’s worth a try. This hairstyle leaves an impression as if you just wake up and not have to comb the hair.

messy hairstyle

Discover more ideas of new trends for short haircuts for women in the 2017.

Pixie hair cut

Haircut Pixie is for those who have some excellent features of the face. Therefore, before going for a hairstyle pixie, think of all the options.
Pixie hair cutpixie-hair-cut

Ponytail hairstyle 2017

I’ll bet the ponytail is many girls hairstyle beloved. There are several types of ponytails that are impressive and unique in its style. . You can use the hairstyle ponytail according to the occasion.

ponytail hairstyle 2017


long hairstyle with bangs

Bangs are excellent for any style of hairstyle. locks long with bangs are really amazing. Which have the characteristics of long face should opt for the bangs in order to make a face shape visually more rounded than that in property it is.
long hairstyle with bangs 2017


short hairstyle with bangs

Well, with the short hairstyles the explosions are great as well. You can choose straight or bangs from the side, in all cases, we will give a touch of sweetness and cuteness to your look.
short hair cut with bangs


The most popular types of hairstyles for women 2017

Lets see th latest most popular types of hairstyles for women 2017. Incredible style for the new era of the hairdos. Start the new year with a stunning LONG HAIR or SHORT HAIRCUTS FOR WOMEN.

Side fish tail braid

The most popular types of hairstyles braids, are braids, fish tail. This style looks perfect in long curls, so if you like that you just get the braid fish tail side and have an impressive appearance and attractive.
tail of fresh fish braid at the side.

cold side fish tail braid


Bun hairstyle

If you are looking for a formal hairstyle, means the hairstyle of the bun is for you. It is very easy to comb. you will need only five minute to achieve a hairstyle of the bun well. There are several bun hairstyles you can do your own research to find the type that you want. You can choose from the hairstyle or low bun high.

bun smooth 2017



Ballerina Bun hairstyle

bun ballerina is the most popular among the hairstyles bun. You can use it for the formal occasion. I really like the hairstyle chignon ballerina.

bow ballerina


short curly hairstyle

short curly hair is really perfect and it is the cost of carry. Curly short hairstyles are ideal for all hair types. The curly hair gives you the opportunity to create different types of hairstyles. . Use your imagination to get a unique style.

cutting curly hair 2017


wavy hairstyle

wavy hairstyle is the most popular among the famous and non-famous. . You can use wavy hairstyles for any occasion. Curly hair in the 2017 is very versatile.

wavy hair of 2017


long layered hairstyle

As we already mentioned, layers add volume and texture to hair. If your hair is long you can opt for layers in order to break up a monotone aspect of the style. With layers hairstyle looks more interesting and capture the attention.


The best hairstyles for 2017

The best hairstyles for 2017

We know that the hairstyle is very important for you, as it is part of his style. A right hairstyle chosen will bring joy and good emotions. If you want to see what are the best hairstyles 2017 continue reading and find one that perfectly describes his character and personality. Don’t forget to consult with your stylist before going for any hair cut. In all cases, the changes are good and that they are bound to add some positive feelings to your life. Feel free to choose a hairstyle that you want.

best hairstyles for 2017


Long Bob hairstyle 2017

Long hair Bob! Don shilling! Don shilling! This hairstyle has managed to fascinate many girls all over the world. Bob hairstyle is suitable for women of all ages. You can use the bob hairstyle in each season of the year and still be fashionable and trendy. The most important thing is to find the one that is suitable to their character traits.

long bob hairstyle 2017


Bob short hairstyle

There is a special group of women who like short hairstyles. Bob short haircuts for women is specially created for this type of women. bob short is to frame your face and highlight your beauty. If you do not have a bob hairstyle short, think of getting the same.

short hair cut with bangs

Layered Bob hairstyle

The layers are excellent for adding a bit of texture and volume to the hair. hairstyles in layers in all the cases look perfect and amazing. Even if you don’t want to cut your hair you can simply add some layers and your hair will look fresh and stylish.


Layers hairstyle bob 2017

braided hairstyle

Braids ! I never get tired of talking of braids hairstyles.Braided because they are the most easy and at the same time most beautiful hairstyles. There are many types of braids give you the opportunity to choose the one that is perfect for your facial features. If you’re not good at braiding, I am sure that you know how to get a braid simple so go ahead with a simple and rock the style.



short haircut fresh for fall winter

short haircut fresh for fall winter

When the season comes you have to change your style and you have a new idea. The fall brings new and creative ideas and that you want to test. The atmosphere as the yellow leaves and rainy days in some cases, they are very inspiring. As for me autumn is the season more romantic, that arouses their feelings of sleeping to the top. Some of us look for a new love while others think and feel about the changes to both the style and the life. Well, if you’re looking for changes in the check out look some short hairstyles for cool fall winter and move forward with one of them. Cut the long hair and enjoy the short hairstyle.

In this short haircut pixie, cut boy, short grass asymmetrical they are really fashionable. You should think about getting one of these styles otherwise you will miss the opportunity of being fashionable and trendy in the fall. By the way each season brings something new and makes us think about the transformation and changes of image. Simply coloring the bangs or add some highlights to your hair and make it softer. Pixie hair cut

Well, you already know that pixie is a short hairstyle which is perfect for those who have facial features that are appropriate. If you think that it is too short pixie type style bold to choose a little more the version. Pixie hairstyles are very easy to style and you don’t have to spend a lot of time wearing the style. Pixie short haircuts for women are always beautiful and cute. They will make your look softer and tenderer due to their features of the face are going to be more emphasised. . As for me cuts hair pixie are luxury and they are worth to carry
fresh hair cut pixie

Pixie hair cut
hair cut pixie for the fall

Boyish hairCut

This hairstyle adventures accentuates the facial area, makes your eyes come out and has added explosions to frame her face nicely. Well, this hairstyle is chosen mainly by girls that look like bold, and never afraid to go for the experiments. As for me one must have the courage to go for this style. By a certain aspect is certainly unique and quirky, why not use it and call attention. So, ladies, if you prefer shortcuts, do not hesitate to get this style.
boy short hair cut


short haircut women

This style is for those fans of The hairstyles messy because the style short grass has exactly that look. hairstyle crop shortcut allows the ladies to get a look that you want. layers short will add a certain touch of tenderness and sweetness.


Hairstyles for women Feather Cut amazing for long hair

Amazing Hairstyles Feather Cut amazing for long hair

In search of the best hair cuts for you to long locks? Take a look at the following hairstyles and see if it appeals to you. You can see the influence of influence of 70’s and 80’s ” styles of modern hairstyles one of the styles that is the cutting of the feathers. This hairstyle fascinating for long hair recently it has become more popular. Those who want to get exactly the hairstyle you should first know the difference between the cuts of hairstyle and Layers of feathers, as they are, without doubt, different from each other
unique hair cut with feathers.stunning-cutting-feather
Layers and cut feather hairstyles can seem completely the same, but in reality it is not so. the layers add more texture and volume to your hair, while cutting the pen is meant to add stress and a little drama to the look. cuts feathers are more choppy. If you have long locks, it is possible that the rock style and impress the people around you. we can say that exactly long curls are the best option for this style. this hairstyle is perfect for women who are looking for the drama and the femininity.One of the most important things is your hair color. A simple shadow can add a new dimension to the look without effort. Before you go for a new hair cut feathers be sure that you are ready to spend enough time wearing it. sometimes ladies are lazy to style the hair so in this case what do you really need to spend a bit of time sporting the style.

Interesting short haircuts for women and short hairstyles.

stunning cutting feather

long hairstyle with feathers

Then bangs work very well and are the ideal choice. The bangs help to emphasize your facial features. Well, the style is really unique and amazing, therefore, each one can go to courts of feathers. Honestly, girls, I think that this hairstyle is very luxurious and completely different from all the styles.
cool hair is feathered

fresh hair cut of the pen


hairstyle simple pen will be boring for you so for this reason let your creativity to flourish and that you will have a new hair cut that will describe your features of character and personality. Try to find all the ways possible and impossible to add some softness and cuteness to the look. . Remember that even a small element can completely change your look.


latest braided pretty black women hairstyles

braided pretty african american hairstyles

hair ‘Black’ is back, ladies, and the new, 21 er century hairstyles braided african-americans are hot, hot, hot! This time, there is a fabulous cross-over between the mainstream within the tresses and the latest styles braided african american.

So with a designs international with details of the plait asymmetrical fabulise (well, only made that up word) current styles long short haircuts for women, medium, and, it is good to know that we are copying – for a change

braids rope with class

The new generation of African hairstyles braided american has something to offer to all fashion styles and are not only anchored a fashionable look. I must admit that one of my old favorites are the braids of the rope, they look stunning on long hair or medium!


For me, they always look very modern and classy and, as they are more spacious than the braids ‘row of corn’, which does not create much tension in the hair -. so it is a great style of protection, as well mixing it up!

I love the way that the designers of hair are starting to ‘mix up’ different textures and styles to create something completely new in the today of hairstyles braided african american .

for example, try a centre parting with plaits on both sides for just a few inchesand then curl the remaining hair in beautiful curls, curly. This works best in a hair cut in layers and can be adapted to fit the medium hair or long for a look that’s totally precious face frame for a special date! Look at the latest short hairstyles for women.

The blonde braids with the ponytail


unconventional and elegant hairstyle for black

more modern design and is inspired in the aspect that they are ‘non-conventional’ and ‘asymmetric’, so that opens up a huge variety of imaginative hairstyles braids afroamerican .


credit separations that I have seen with braids, thin radiating from the separation and around the head in the curves made beautifully, with a lovely chignon, a knot of hair of the loop or large, bright soft curls in the back. The contrasting textures look fantastic in this stylish , sophisticated style!

Femminine short haircuts blond color

New latest ideas for Femminine short haircuts for women blond hair color to aplay on your hairstyle. Newest trends for a good looking short haircut for women of all ages. Look at this intresting ideas we coose for you.

Platinum hair tousled and feminine Fringes

informal, short hairstyles every day with fine hair – Messy, Blonde Bob Hairstyle


When it comes to the female attitude, Taylor Swift is the spokes model. And despite the fact that you are dealing with finer hair, she manages to get to some styles fascinating as this one here. Her platinum bob short-the texture is a little and those stripes female is pulled gently to one side to frame her face. Lovely!  Look at the long hair latest trends with amazing cuts.

asymmetrical U-shaped

Classic A-line hair cut Bob – short hairstyles straight


The flavoring on top thin stranded is as simple as cutting your hair in a unique style. Not only did she bulk up your look with a fascinating U-shape in the back adds contrast to additional in the front with an asymmetrical cut. platinum blonde creates height instant and the lateral part deep fashion adds a bit of sex appeal.

slightly Tousled Undercut

the texture Shaved hair cut short – hairstyles messy short fine hair


Add a bit of height beautiful your appearance by simply tousling and hairspraying their locks long

simple asymmetrical hairstyle

Asymmetrical, straight short Bob hair Cut – short with style Designs


Yes, it is a simple asymmetric hair cut , but the lengths contrasting to add more different look which is fashionable and bulky.

A wavy line

Messy cut short blonde hair with thin hair – Women short hairstyle Ideas


A-lines are undeniably elegant, but if you let it stick straight and can seem a little boring. Do not dilute the a-line, bringing it to life with some loose waves casual that can be worn to the office or at the nightclub with ease

Hairstyle for short hair best colours to choose

Hairstyle for long and short hair best colours to choose

Ombre wavy haircut Bob

Black and pink hair color


If you hair is thick or fine, which is almost always a good idea to try ombre. Ombre is a unique way of coloring hair, and this combination of black and rose gold is the perfect combination of elegance and femininity. With the pulse of the red lips and loose curls subtle, which is a riveting series that is surely to catch the attention

Undercut with long layers

texture hair Cuts Pixie with fine hair – the undercut for short hair


The creation of the illusion of hair thick and shiny it is very easy when you have TONS of texture sift in and out of his mane . This look is ideal for creating fullness, even if you’re not really there: a linda shoulders, tons of long layers at the top, and a delicious blend of hair colors – perfect.

razored Pixie Crop

razored Cut – Pixie Crop


It is a true classic that never fails. The crop pixie razored is a hairstyle cool, a very fashion that requires minimal effort to look charming. The court of shaving adds instantaneous amplitude and bangs to a side is flirty and fun. I love it.

Unique Blonde Undercut

Short blonde Hairstyle – Pixie short haircuts for women fine hair


Fine hair can sometimes be a struggle to cope with, so finding a hairstyle that doesn’t require much it is a must and this style is just that. A unique style recess is bold and fun, the establishment of their hair cut pixie apart from the rest. I love the top texture and the shade of blonde is eye-catching also.

lavender Pixie

Haircuts Pixie with Bangs from side – Balayage, short hairstyles


A hair cut pixie should only be accompanied by a goblin, of color as a fairy tale, right? This lavender lovely is as delicate as is possible, the establishment of this haircut pixie long classic apart from the rest. Leave it straight, to show the accuracy of the cut and highlights.


Asymmetrical, Long Pixie Cut – light blonde and red hair


Everything about this rockin ‘ short hairstyles screams biker chic! Ties of strong pink, vibrant in a glamorous platinum blonde base, a duo surprising that it becomes even more sharp with a haircut bob asymmetrical and peaks peculiar to the back.


courts side with short hair – Pixie cute hairstyle for fine hair


If you’re so sick of dealing with fine hair that is not going to do one thing, and then shave off, but leave a bit on top for a scared nervous. Better yet, brush the strands up and off in hair spray for a style that’s very elegant and artistic completed with tones of makeup warm.

Artsy Waves Undercut and dishevelled

Pretty, Shaved Pixie haircuts for curly hair


Even curly , fine hair can enjoy a notch nervous! But do not be satisfied with less when it comes to a shave – get wild and crazy and add some unique designs to your shaving to make it stand out.

Long Hair sunset: The new craze that is filling color for women. Is amazing!

Surely at some time you look at the sky and walk away while you appreciate the sunset, and you realize that the colors gradually appear, are really beautiful because each one is more amazing than the previous and you simply never get bored of such a wonderful show.

We have already seen several trends for the long hair, since dye it a purple color to paint it multiple colors at once, but now it’s about having a hair as spectacular as the sky at sunset. Are you ready for this new hairstyle for women? We are sure that you’ll love it. You just have to see these images to take all the inspiration you need.You will also see short haircuts for women with amazing color.

1. First we were delighted with the hair as a rainbow

Girl with the colored hair that is part of a move color trend


2. After we enjoy the sensational purple color

Hair with the tendeicia of autumn colors

sensational purple color

3. The grey hair plating is spectacular


Girl with hair dyed gray platinum

4. We even managed to adore the green hair 


Girl with the hair of green color with black

5. But now, we can have the sunset in our hair


Girl with the hair dyed with the trend of sunset hair

6. These warm colors are great


Girl with hair dyed different colors, pink, orange and yellow

7. The color can range from purple to pink


Girl with hair dyed the colors of sunset, blue and pink

8. Looks like a soft sunset in the autumn


Girl with hair like the sunset

9. It is also cute in short hair


Woman with the short hairstyles with dyed in the style of sunset hair

10. You can use a style with colors a bit more smooth


Girl with the short hair and dyed in the style of sunset hair

11. Or if you prefer, can be with intense colors


Girl with the hair dyed with the trend of sunset hair

12. Are magnificent!!!


Girl with the hair dyed with the trend of sunset hair

how to lighten your hairstyle – short hair or long

Lighten your hairstyle? If the answer is Yes, you are at the right place because in this article we will show you as lighten your hair naturally in just one day.

short haircuts for womenTo clarify the hair there are many methods but form and method of implementation of the remedy home which you speak then is the most effective.

The ingredients we will need for our natural lightening are as follows:

long hair

The proper use of honey in your hair may return you to our hair much of what it lost through the years due to the continued abuse and lack of care we give. If our hair looks dull and dry honey acts to nourish all our hair follicles by retaining moisture and keeping our hair conditioning. According to recent research the skin can help awaken some follicles that are inactive, thus stimulating the growth of our hair.

The water in our blend will help us activate the components of honey.

The lemon is astringent and antibacterial so it will help us keep our hair free of fungus or other diseases of capillaries. In addition its lightening components will give our hair a natural light rays effect.

A bottle with atomizer
This bottle will be very useful pa

the implementation of the second phase of the lightening of woman hair.

short hairstyles

Preparation and application.

In a bowl place enough for all your hair honey and a little warm water stir well and let rest for 30 minutes. In the spray bottle place the juice of two lemons and the same amount of water. After 30 minutes that you left resting the mixture applied on your hair and cover with a plastic bag or shower CAP, go to a place where you the Sun and let stand for 30 minutes – 1 hour, then apply with atomizer lemon mixture on the hair and let stand another hour without exposure to the Sun. When you have taken all the previous procedure necessary to remove, rinse with plenty of water and shampoo.