Long Hair sunset: The new craze that is filling color for women. Is amazing!

Surely at some time you look at the sky and walk away while you appreciate the sunset, and you realize that the colors gradually appear, are really beautiful because each one is more amazing than the previous and you simply never get bored of such a wonderful show.

We have already seen several trends for the long hair, since dye it a purple color to paint it multiple colors at once, but now it’s about having a hair as spectacular as the sky at sunset. Are you ready for this new hairstyle for women? We are sure that you’ll love it. You just have to see these images to take all the inspiration you need.You will also see short haircuts for women with amazing color.

1. First we were delighted with the hair as a rainbow

Girl with the colored hair that is part of a move color trend


2. After we enjoy the sensational purple color

Hair with the tendeicia of autumn colors

sensational purple color

3. The grey hair plating is spectacular


Girl with hair dyed gray platinum

4. We even managed to adore the green hair 


Girl with the hair of green color with black

5. But now, we can have the sunset in our hair


Girl with the hair dyed with the trend of sunset hair

6. These warm colors are great


Girl with hair dyed different colors, pink, orange and yellow

7. The color can range from purple to pink


Girl with hair dyed the colors of sunset, blue and pink

8. Looks like a soft sunset in the autumn


Girl with hair like the sunset

9. It is also cute in short hair


Woman with the short hairstyles with dyed in the style of sunset hair

10. You can use a style with colors a bit more smooth


Girl with the short hair and dyed in the style of sunset hair

11. Or if you prefer, can be with intense colors


Girl with the hair dyed with the trend of sunset hair

12. Are magnificent!!!


Girl with the hair dyed with the trend of sunset hair

how to lighten your hairstyle – short hair or long

Lighten your hairstyle? If the answer is Yes, you are at the right place because in this article we will show you as lighten your hair naturally in just one day.

short haircuts for womenTo clarify the hair there are many methods but form and method of implementation of the remedy home which you speak then is the most effective.

The ingredients we will need for our natural lightening are as follows:

long hair

The proper use of honey in your hair may return you to our hair much of what it lost through the years due to the continued abuse and lack of care we give. If our hair looks dull and dry honey acts to nourish all our hair follicles by retaining moisture and keeping our hair conditioning. According to recent research the skin can help awaken some follicles that are inactive, thus stimulating the growth of our hair.

The water in our blend will help us activate the components of honey.

The lemon is astringent and antibacterial so it will help us keep our hair free of fungus or other diseases of capillaries. In addition its lightening components will give our hair a natural light rays effect.

A bottle with atomizer
This bottle will be very useful pa

the implementation of the second phase of the lightening of woman hair.

short hairstyles

Preparation and application.

In a bowl place enough for all your hair honey and a little warm water stir well and let rest for 30 minutes. In the spray bottle place the juice of two lemons and the same amount of water. After 30 minutes that you left resting the mixture applied on your hair and cover with a plastic bag or shower CAP, go to a place where you the Sun and let stand for 30 minutes – 1 hour, then apply with atomizer lemon mixture on the hair and let stand another hour without exposure to the Sun. When you have taken all the previous procedure necessary to remove, rinse with plenty of water and shampoo.

how to have silky Long hair for women for amazing hairstyles

Many times the use of shampoo to maintain a clean, silky long hair does not suffice. As a conditioner comes to provide much help to repair those damages in the hair strand due to factors such as heat and free radicals. However, here is a problem that many complain is the high cost of these products. If you want to know how you can save some money, here you will know what are the benefits of Apple Cider vinegar for long hair and this is a natural product that can be adapted to the need of every person.

Benefits of hair apple cider vinegar for long hair


It provides strength and shine to the hair

One of the benefits of hair apple cider vinegar is that it provides strength and much brightness to the hair, making it a spectacular hair and becoming the center of attention the person.

Another of the benefits of Apple Cider vinegar is that it seals the cuticles, helping to retain those natural oils that give it a higher brightness and healthy appearance to the hair. If the hair are short hairstyles or long. Compounds possessing this type of vinegar allow a quick restoration, but also sealed them naturally without incurring other alterations. Also get to stimulate proper blood circulation that starts from the root of the hair, promoting normal and optimal growth.

Prevents split ends in long hair

The vinegar gives strength to the hair follicles. For this reason, it is not others have one within reach of the hand. One of the things that most women hate are split ends, another benefit of the vinegar to the hair well is that you end up with this bad hair. It is important that users of this product know that it is more advisable is to acquire 100 per cent organic apple cider vinegar. Without any additives. So are all of its components such as trace elements, fiber and vitamins.

The smell disappears quickly

Don’t have to worry about the smell that can leave in hair using vinegar, because to the extent that pass the hours, the essence will lose little by little. Where oily hair people wish to use vinegar, should note that this is more concentrated. An alert is that you should not apply undiluted before, because you could be very aggressive. This product may be a good product to use it routinely.

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Calzedonia leggins 2016

Ready to discover the new models leggings Calzedonia catalog 2016 with all the sale prices?

Unlike other seasons winter 2016 Calzedonia is characterized by “sobriety”!
Green light for leggings in denim (more or less washed-out or torn), faux leather, plain super opaque or details like stitching in matching tones or some zip biker style.
The choice for those who want to fantasies is a bit ‘limited (for now), there are in fact a couple of floral prints, one with the stars and a model with tears and semi-transparent lace.

The cold season instead brings a welcome change to all those who love fitness and desire to be fashionable even in the gym, with the new leggings of “Fitness Collection”!

Here are the new models leggings Calzedonia winter 2015 2016 divided by price range!

Leggings CALZEDONIA catalog fall winter 2015 2016 Prices and Photos
A 19.95 € There are uni thermal leggings combined super opaque (the classic cost 14.95 euro), the model cotton in floral print and the one with the embroidered stars.


Calzedonia leggings winter 2015 2016 Price 19 95 €

A 25.95 euro we find the model horsewoman, leggings with tears and those with lace and zip biker style.
(At this price there are also push-up shaping solid).

Leggings-Calzedonia 2016

Calzedonia leggings winter 2015 2016 Price 25 95 €

Also at 25.95 euro they are also proposed various models of leggings in more or less washed out or ripped denim.

Leggings-Calzedonia denim price 25-95-euro

Calzedonia leggings in denim price 25 95 EUR

A 29,95 € you can buy the model destroyed jeans, leggings push ups with floral print, those glitterati and joggers with faux leather bands.

Leggings-Calzedonia 2016 new

Calzedonia leggings winter 2015 2016 Price 29 95 €

The most “expensive” for 39.95 euro are the faux leather leggings and model push up shaping super opaque.

Leggings Calzedonia2016 price 39-95-euro

Calzedonia leggings winter 2015 2016 Price 39 95 €

Do not even miss the new catalog leggings and tights TEZENIS 2016! But also watch the new catalog of the Intimisimi 2016.


The sports leggings of “Fitness Collection”, is perfect for the gym indoors or jogging outdoors, have a price of 29.95 euro, with the exception of the solid capri model units which costs 19,95 euro and for the version with built-in shorts that has a cost of 39,95 euro.

Leggings-fitness-Calzedonia 2016

Fitness leggings Calzedonia autumn winter 2015 2016


Online and in stores comes the new Tezenis women’s collection spring summer 2016, the new catalog Tezenis in 2016 for the spring / summer 2016 is characterized by a series of really missed fashion proposals, a line of clothing and pajamas but also intimate and costumes really Tezenis 2016 missed that with new weekly arrivals keeps us company in all stores and helps us to redecorate thanks to competitive prices. The new collection consists of many must-see fashion ideas and refined at low cost prices, and this is perhaps one of the reasons for the success of the group Calzedonia and Intimissimi brand.



The new collection Tezenis spring summer 2016 is also ready to keep you company with new proposals costumes Tezenis 2016. The new collection consists of a large number of female models two-piece swimsuits instead absent in the new catalog Tezenis Tezenis in 2016 that instead we found in the previous year. Bikinis are as always declined in various patterns including animal, tropical, navy, floral and are proposed as always different models of slip (Brazilian, regular briefs, boyshorts) to match with different bra models (push-up, triangle, band) . A really wide line with tezenis prices costumes from around 20 Euros for the costume complete and will go on sale from mid-July at competitive prices. Tezenis woman Spring Summer 2016 collection

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Calzedonia funny and glamour


And also Intimissimi



TEZENIS COLLECTION SPRING SUMMER 2016 – the new Tezenis really wide collection spring summer 2016, in this case you will find many interesting items such as underwear Tezenis 2016 with different models of bras and panties as needed.

Tezenis 2016 catalog bras

In the new line of Tezenis Spring 2016 Summer clothing can also find sweatshirts and sports proposals perfect for getting into shape before swimsuit season! The tezenis sportswear represent a viable alternative to the various Decathlon to find clothes to low cost gym.

Tezenis 2016 catalog woman

The new collection Tezenis spring summer 2016 denim shorts with jeans, pants and shirts to wear in hot weather for a look at all denim. It ‘is well known that this year the denim back to lord it in the panorama of the trends 2016: shirts, dungarees, trousers and skirts.

Tezenis 2016 clothing catalog

New Leggings Tezenis spring summer 2016, after the success of the previous collection, they return to make our perfect look. Among the new proposals are Tezenis models jeggings jeans effect to be worn during the day for the most fashionable outfits. In the store you can find different models of the same head, so we invite you to go and see with eyes Vistro in stores! The price of leggings was still very competitive, from 9,99 € to 24,99 € depending on the model.


The new proposals of clothing Tezenis women including denim shirts to match the shorts in summer or leggings in the spring.

TEZENIS PAJAMAS 2016 – the new collection of pajamas Tezenis spring summer 2016 ready to keep us company, with more t shirt leggings for spring and models plus oversized tank top shorts for summer pajamas new 2016 catalog Tezenis woman is already online and in shops. With new weekly arrivals proposals for the night keep us company by highlighting the convenience and practicality to sensuality, engaging and fun graphic for new pajamas tezenis spring summer 2016 already in stores.

Tezenis catalog Children pajamas 2016
Pajamas Tezenis 2016 prices

TEZENIS CLOTHING 2016 – the new collection Tezenis clothing spring summer 2016 ready to keep us company, many of the proposals in the new Tezenis fashion catalog and equally numerous are the proposals that we have won, especially among the proposals Tezenis clothing in 2016 we want to tell:

Leggings Tezenis 2016 prices starting at around 15 Euros, no pants but opaque version and of good quality as those you can use on a daily basis
Sport Tezenis 2016, the new collection of clothes for the gym or with intimate than with real suits Leisure
Tezenis Jeggings are a mix of leggings and jeans and raving about for the most fashionable outfits
Tezenis Shorts 2016 perfect for the summer if you have a beautiful body choose them of all colors and patterns
Costumes Tezenis in 2016 there are many models for sale from spring
TEZENIS LEGGINS 2016 – completes the range of proposals are right leggings Tezenis 2016, offered in many models. They are proposed with fantasy floral prints, sport version for the gym and finally in jeans jeggings fake version for the free time.

Megan Fox Style Change 2013?

The 2013 was nothing special for Megan. She’s style has been changed by her pregnancy and also shes appearance has dropped down. So in 2013 there wasn’t a lot of shots about Megan. But we traced some and her you go…

Beautiful Megan with a floral printed Full Sheath Dress and sexy red sandals when visiting a Samba School

 Megan with a oversized Pullover and jeans

Megan with a oversized Pullover and jeans


Megans Flower dress and red sandals
Beautiful Megan with a floral printed Full Sheath Dress and sexy red sandals when visiting a Samba School
Megan casual pullover with jeans
Megan with a oversized Pullover and jeans
In my opinion the perfect combination to her dress will be a pair of shiny lanvin pumps and for the much casual dressing a perfect hand bag from lanvin

Megan Fox sexy actress of Hollywood

The first Time With Megan


Mega in the movie Transformers 1

The first time I’ve seen Megan Fox was in the film Transformers. I don’t notice all the actress in Hollywood, and I didn’t remembered also her before the movie Transformers. Leather I discovered that she was in a bunch of other films before this. But in this,… she was very sexy. I’m a man and I like hot girls.

A little bio of Megan Fox hot sexy model and movie star.

She was born in May 16 of the year 1986 and at small age of 5 she started her drama acting studies. It is a very young age to start practising acting and dancing for my opinion. Now the kids start the activities and their passion at such young age. The schools accept as little as 3 years old. It’s like a little kinder garden orientated to one thing.
Returning to Megan, if she started this so young, she must been determinate to became an American actress, because now she is a very successfully actress and model.

So where Megan debuted?


She is sexy, isn’t she?

“Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” was her debut, that was in the 2004 but in 2001 she started with minor roles. She was only 16 when she acted in Holiday in the Sun with the Olsen Twins (Mary Kate and Ashley). In 2007 she reaches the break out role in the Transformers. Where I noticed her. In 2009 the sequel, Transformers 2.

In “Jennifer’s Body” she got the main role, and there you can see Megan Fox nude and sexy scene. It’s like a sexy scenes of Megan everywhere. She kiss a girl too!! So fantastic!!

In 2012 she acted in the move “This is 40“, and this was not so sexy like the precedent but is a nice comedy to watch

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Now she is filming the new film of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The film will go out in the year 2014.